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Most people dream of engaging in meaningful work that uses their unique gifts to help others and provide for their family. But this success seems out of reach, reserved for a privileged few who are lucky enough to have extraordinary talent or powerful connections.

In this book, I’ll show you foundational principles that led me to success—principles that will transform your life, too.
Hint: you don’t need legendary talent, an inherited fortune, or an inside track with celebrities to find fulfillment in your career and meaning in your life!

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What people are saying

Wayne Brady, 5-time Emmy Awarded Actor

"Reading Cayman’s book solidifies what I already knew, that he’s one of the most positive, uplifting people in the radio business. His positivity and hustle are his super powers and if you read closely, he tries to share those powers with you. I’m honored to know you Cayman and I’m taking notes!"

Boney James, Saxophonist with 3 Grammy Nominations

"I’ve always been a fan of Cayman Kelly’s work on the radio and I’m glad to know him personally.  What a treat to read his new book and find he’s also a great writer. Drawing on his many years of experience, filled with anecdotes featuring a who’s-who of stars, he’s written an inspiring, entertaining and practical book to help find your path to success."

About Me

After volunteering at a radio station as a teen and facing obstacles throughout my journey to success, I now have over twenty years of on-air experience, including hosting my national show Heart & Soul on Sirius XM.

I’m also an entrepreneur and voice-over artist, and I’ve been featured on television and in commercials, movies, video games, and more. Even more than my professional success, I’m proud to be a husband and a father of three and to have found a way to do the work I enjoy while providing for my family.

I use what I’ve learned in my journey to help others achieve the things they’ve only ever dreamed about.
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